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Monday, August 19, 2013

Trees Plantation

Trees are gifts of nature. They are useful of many ways. We cannot do without trees.
There are various kinds of trees. Some are very big, some are very small. Some bear
fruits, some are used as medicine and some provide us with quality timber. In our
country mango trees, jack-fruit trees, coconut trees, black berry trees, guava trees, etc.
give us fruits. Teak, mehagany, jarul, chambal, karai, etc supply us quality timber.
Trees are used as fuel. Timber are used to make houses, furniture, boats, bridge,
etc. Papers are also made from trees.
We get food and vitamins from trees. We get also medicine and oxygen from trees.
They give us shade and shelter. They help rainfall and make the soil fertile. They keep
the nature cool.
With the increase of population in Bangladesh, most of the trees have been cut and
used up. Very few people cared to plant new trees. So our country is now at a deficit of
necessary trees.
If such a situation continues our country will turn into a desert soon. There will be
want of food, medicine and useful articles, people will suffer very much.
In order to get rid of such a situation, we should start tree plantation. Trees should
Be planted by every family. Trees should be planted on the banks of ponds, on both sides
of highway, on the banks of dams, by the side of rain lines, on any fallow land near the
houses. They should be taken care of my giving fences, using manure and by watering
them started observing. Trees plantation week for the past few years. All of us should co-
operate with the govt. and help successful implementation of the week.
For the welfare of the country and its people, the Govt. as well as every member of
The community should work together in planting trees to make the country self-
sufficient in fruits and wood.

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