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Monday, August 19, 2013

Seasons of Bangladesh

There are six season of Bangladesh. At an interval of every two month there
appears a new season. The six seasons are the summer, the rainy season, the autumn,
the late autumn, the winter and the spring. In all these seasons the summer, the rainy
season and the winter are prominent.
Summer is the first of all these seasons. In the Bangla year Baishakh and Jaistha
are the months of this season. It is the season of scorching sun. It is also the season of
perspiration and thirst. The days are long and hot. It becomes tiresome to do any work.
Ponds and tanks dry up and many villagers suffer much from the scarcity of drinking
water. It is in this season that we get different types of fruits like mango, jack fruits,
black berries, water-melon, lichis etc.
After the summer the rainy season comes. Ashar and Shraban these two months
comprise this season. Rain is the main feature of this season. In this season, the sky
remains cloudy and it rains day and night. Rivers, ponds, tanks and canals are full
of water. People have to use boats to go from one place to another. Guava, olive and
other fruits are available in this season.
The cloudy sky clears up and the season autumn appears that occupies the month of
Vadra and Aswin. The scenic beauty attracts our eyes. Sheuli and catkin are the main
features of this autumn. The Hindus have their Durga Puja in this season.
Late autumn is the fourth season of Bangladesh. Kartik and Agrahayan are the months
Of this season. Crops ripe in this season. Farmers are busy in harvesting paddy. It is neither hot nor cold. Dew drops at night which indicates the arrival of winter.
The winter comes with its fog and chill. It comprises the month of Poush and Magh.
The days are short and nights are long. People shiver in cold. The poor people suffer
Much from cold, various delicious vegetables and date juice are available in winter.
Last of all comes the spring, the loveliest of all seasons. The cold of winter is over.
Days become warm. Trees and plants bear new leaves. Flowers bloom and a gentle
Breeze blows. Birds keep chirping and the cuckoo sings in joy. Everywhere there is joy.
Thus we are blessed with the six seasons of nature. Each of these seasons has
distinctive beauty and charm.

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